Wednesday, April 20, 2011

{ Curry veggies plus dessert }

Today, I decided to prepare a dish from my recipe book for dinner. It turned out pretty okay considering that it's my first attempt, but I really have to remind myself to stick to the measurements. They are there for a reason.

Tikka masala curry potatoes with vegetables

And for dessert, I decided to try out the passionfruit tart I got from Coles. It was pretty delish, but the packaging was a tad sticky - and I can be quite fussy when it comes to being sticky.

Tomorrow, I shall try out some other recipes from my book. Creamed spinach and maple glazed carrots anyone? :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

{ Just the right blend of naughty and nice }

Dear Royce is turning into a real mini monkey. He tries so hard to get into the 'forbidden room' that it cracks me up sometimes. Occasionally he succeeds when I let my guard down, then a game of chase ensues. He may be sneaky and fast, but he sure isn't the brightest when it comes to dodging attacks. Lol. Royce will always end up being carried away on my shoulders to his scratching tree while he looks longingly at the forbidden room.

 fur, fur and more fur. the little furbomb.

Caelum on the other hand, is such an adorable little furbomb. He gets distracted with toys so easily that I could just walk in and out of the room without having to keep an eye on his sneaking around. He definitely stays true to the saying that cats have short attention span. Throw a toy in any direction and you're free to do your own stuff - a tried and true trick when I used the vacuum this afternoon.

Taking photos of cats again has inspired me to begin a mini project of my own. I call it Project Kitty Eyes which actually... sort of says it all. Sheesh, I do fail when it comes to being creative at times. It actually began when I fell in love with a pair of gorgeous golden Somali eyes at the weekend cat show. I then wondered how many different types of eye shape and colour do cats have and thus, begins my quest to capture every single one I could get my hands.. or in this case, my camera on. It's the first time I've started any project, so let's hope that it goes well.

Hopefully I can get some nice shots of other cat breeds at the Hahndorf cat show this Easter Sunday. It's going to be fun spending a day out at Hahndorf again. Oh just thinking of the food there makes my mouth water. And the chance to snap more shots, really, what else could be better than this? :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

{ Funky time }

Went to the Adelaide Cat Show today and walked out with this and a lighter pocket.

At least my darling monkeys seem to really adore the tree. I've never seen them pay so much attention to a post for that long, let alone sleep on it together. It was well worth the price that I paid. :)

my double trouble team.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

{ Caelum | First day home }

Picked Caelum up early yesterday because Sherrie had to rush off to a doctor's appointment. I was hoping to spend some time with Angel but it seems that it'll have to wait - but I did get to meet Kira's new litter who was born on the 4th of April. What a little beautiful bunch of babies. There was a really pretty calico in there that I really adore.

Caelum spent the entire car ride as well as the entire day meowing. As soon as my back is turned for 5 seconds, he begins to meow - probably making sure that I have not abandoned him since I 'catnapped' him from his mommy. I guess me rushing to his side whenever he meows isn't doing too good in discouraging him too. Lol. But he definitely felt at home straight away. He ate the food that I prepared with no complaints, used the litter tray with no trouble at all and plays on the scratching post as if he has been here his entire life. It took Royce two days before he would use his litter tray so Caelum using it on the first night did surprised me a little.

he sure loves his new post.

Of course, there were some hissing and growling with the kittens yesterday. However, both were chasing each other and playing tag this morning. Royce still feels the need to demonstrate who is the alpha in this house to Caelum when he goes out of line occasionally. But hooray to Royce being such a nice big brother and accepting Caelum so quickly! He got an extra big smooch from me for it. :)

Tomorrow I'll be stopping by the Adelaide cat show and hopefully meet some new cats and owners alike. Too bad Sherrie wouldn't be there with her Siberians, but I'm still hoping to see a Siberian or two there. I'm pretty certain I'll see some beautiful Birmans and Ragdolls so I'd best make sure to charge up my camera and to remember to clear out the memory card.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

{ Suicidal kitten }

I swear Royce is a suicidal kitten. The amount of times he's been falling off the kitchen counter and tables ain't funny. Just yesterday, that cheeky little monkey even managed to slip right into the toilet bowl. This definitely teaches me to leave the seat down now. Thank goodness I was still awake late last night when it happened.

But other than that, Royce has been an absolute gem. He still purrs when he's stroked and he snuggles with me under the covers at night. I have been woken up countless times with him purring in my face, wanting to be let under the comforter for a snooze. And when I wake in the morning, I couldn't budge for fear of waking the little guy up too. So I would just lay in bed while checking my mail and browsing the forums on my phone. That is, of course, until nature calls and I have to poke him so that I could get off the bed.

He knows when his name is called and he sure is able to tell when food is served, regardless of whose food it is. Hopefully he'll get along with Caelum. I'm really anxious about how the introduction would turn out, especially after the episode with the carpet cleaner. Royce may not like this mini intruder that'll enter our lives tomorrow, but then again, he may love having someone to boss around. Who knows. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.